About Me

Thanks for checking out my blog!

I'm a recent college graduate (B.S. in Psychology) who is transitioning to the real world! I am currently working part-time at a doctor's office and getting my graphic design certification, but they are "temporary fixes"  while I try to figure out which path to take for the future. Each day brings a new challenge; I try to think of them as "adventures." 

I try to find that vital balance for a happy life: nutritious food, fitness, building a stronger spiritual life, balanced social life/self-care time, control over spending (saving and treating myself/want vs. need), and become less anxious over things I can not control.

Omaha Beach - Normandy, France
I am kinda like a plant... I need water and sunshine to survive! I love being outside: hiking, wandering, being near water (lakes and oceans), plants, puffy clouds, sunrises and sunsets, and stargazing!

But plants need food too! Tea, apples, peanut butter, Kashi products, yogurt (making parfaits!) are some of my favorites! I am also beginning to experiment with cooking/baking!

I love reading and writing. I am almost always writing and carry a notebook and pen with me 24/7 - I feel lost if I don't have a pen within arms reach.

I love being creative and enjoy photography, sewing, crocheting, decorating, and planning parties. I'd love to start my own business selling my crafts and work. I know it will be a process, but you have to start somewhere!
My Favorite Flower

"I'm a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world." Mother Teresa