Friday, May 6, 2011

Gettin' Crafty

I finished the purse I was making for Ms. Deborah yesterday. She loved it so much she started crying. Gotta love homemade gifts!

This weekend I'll be working on the invites for Andrew's grad party. I think I've got the idea down, just need to buy a few more supplies and start and assembly line and they'll be ready to send out! I'm getting so excited about his party! I just love planning and keep coming up with new ideas! Ms. Deborah's doing the cake. I swear, some of the cakes she's done look like they could be in one of those decorating shows on TV. We have a lot of ideas for that, but need to "finalize" a plan of action. We still have about 3 weeks left, but I know that time will fly by and I'll be visiting friends and family in MN the week before.

SO glad that I only have to work 'til 3:30 today even though I know that the time will drag... I need to swing by the library to pic up a new book and maybe Hobby Lobby to get some invite supplies (unless Ms. Deborah gets it - will have to ask first) and some more fabric. I'm really motivated to make more purses. Ms. Deborah wants me to make some for her friends but she hasn't told me what colors/patterns to use yet so I may just start making a stock pile of the to sell at some point in the future :)

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