Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sun After the Storm

I'm on the "home stretch" to try and get everything done before I leave for my trip to MN tomorrow morning. I was supposed to meet up with Katie last night and exchange books (need some new reads for my trip) but the news was forecasting a pretty bad storm. Good thing we decided to stay in because we were hit with a pretty intense storm. The tornado sirens went off at one point and mom freaked out, getting everyone in the downstairs bathroom (while my "weather man" brother kept trying to sneak outside and check out the storm), but I think that the worst part of the storms missed us. Since I was at home I did manage to get quite a bit done but I'm still a tad stressed...

I am desperately needing this little break. I know it will go by fast and the days following my return will be hectic with graduation, the party, and spending time with out-of-town relatives.

I really wish I could take off work and class tonight. The driving straight to class (45 min) from work and then sitting in said class for 3 hours can be draining (only about 2 months left of it though). Ms. Deb wants me to come over after I get home to give me a hug before I leave and I need to drop off a book that I think she'd enjoy. Just don't know if I'll do that straight after class or stop home to eat first then go out again. I'm always so hungry when I finish class and she can be a talker, but it's always so tough to leave once I'm home (and still need to pack - not gonna happen this morning). I'll figure it out...

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