Monday, June 20, 2011

Back to Reality

Is it really Monday morning?! I'm not really looking forward to this week (as usual). Work is going to be very slow today because our doctors will both be in surgery. Luckily I get to leave early, but it's to go to class (last week of InDesign)...

I don't know what was wrong with me Saturday, I was so quick-tempered - it wasn't one of my best days to say the least. My best friend and I went to the mall to get some summer shopping done. She was hungry so we chatted at a restaurant for awhile. But she  got a call from one of out other friends who was having an emergency and had to leave right away. My mom and brother were also at the mall so I got a ride home with them but no shopping for me though.

My dad decided on The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. We got there a bit later than we planned and had to wait a little bit, but we were seated in a little side room so it was kinda private - very nice! Dad got a slice of strawberry cheesecake to-go and we had dessert at Yogurtland on the way home. (Vanilla wafer froyo is so yummy and I'm usually a "chocolate girl")

Fresh Vegetable Salad - had Chicken with mine

I felt so nauseous all day yesterday. It started in the morning. I went to church with my dad while my mom went to church earlier with my brother to see him off to his NYC trip. I tried to rest in the car on the way home but that didn't seem to help much. It's common for my stomach to be upset from time to time but lately it has been consistently achy. I made some tea when I got home. I found this tea a few months ago. It's really strong but it works wonders, I swear it can work wonders for me.

I had a light lunch, read, took a nap, and went grocery shopping for my mom (I know she really appreciates it when I go to the store for her). But along while I was out being "mini mom" my stomach started hurting again... I rested and me and momma did some quick shopping (see below). Mom and dad went to a movie but since I wasn't feeling well I had dinner, went on a short walk, sipped some more tea while watching a movie (I want Jane's house!!!).


  • Old Navy blue, white, & silver flip flops
  • Old Navy khaki shirt
  • Basketball shorts (from Khol's)

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