Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting Back on Track

Hello, World. I'm back!

Stella's Fish Cafe - Minneapolis, MN

It has been awhile since I've done a "real post." I was out of town visiting family and friends in the Twin Cities and then came back home to my brother's graduation and party. All of which were a huge success! Then I kinda had to hit the ground running with work and classes -boo!
Minneapolis Institute of the Arts
It really hasn't been a "bad" week, I'd just prefer to be on vacation again. I was pretty busy with things to do everyday while I was gone so I didn't come home feeling completely rested (coming back to a house filled with relatives and graduation festivities didn't help)!

Lake Harriet - Minneapolis, MN
Mind - Still been quite anxious over the whole "what am I going to do with my life" thing. I've always been interested in occupational therapy since high school (it's what I wanted to do when I started college), but the science courses discouraged me as I am NOT a science-minded person. I swear I study, and study and nothing "sticks." I do know that psychology(my major), relationship, and developmental issues have always intrigued me. I'm just not sure what I want to do with those interest. I hate office jobs, monotony, and I know that I am too empathetic to be a counselor. I made an excel sheet of several OT schools I'm interested (I love lists) so that helps me compare what options are out there. I just feel like there is something that is holding me back from going through with the OT track, but I can't pin-point what that is. I think I'm going to look into family/development grad programs and see if something jumps out at me. I've thought briefly of being a child-life specialist so maybe I'll just do a bit more research...

Body - I've gotten into a pretty good routine of doing yoga or pilates before work in the morning and taking walks on the evenings I don't have my classes. I did go to the gym this am for the first time in weeks. I started on the treadmill but something was wrong with it. Seriously. It was making all these screeching noises so I took it as a sign to change to the bike. I have to be careful not to overdo my exercise since my blood pressure was so low (had a check up Wednesday) and I'm still not well rested. I have been trying to add more strength training - adding those muscles - and I've been sore the past few days. But hey, something must be working, right?

Soul - I've been  praying more. When I wake up and before bed. I'm really trying to focus on having faith that I will figure all of this "future stuff" out. Reflecting is always a good way to start and end the day in my opinion. It's becoming more natural. Yoga also helps me feel more "centered". It's like a win-win.

Happy Weekend-ing!

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