Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too Early Tuesday

I was woken up early this morning by my mom and brother arguing over curfew (gotta love those adolescents).

Class went really well last night. I didn't have major problems with traffic or getting lost on my way over - thankfully I have a friend who goes there to get directions from - lifesaver! The class is around 15 people and I'm pretty sure that I'm the youngest. It doesn't bother me. It kinda reminds me a bit of my other school that had mom's and peole in their 40s going back for classes or another degree. I was quickly reminded of how restless I get sitting in class. Not even an hour in and my page was covered in doodles. At least tomorrow we are drawing so I won't feel guilty about drawing in class! Yesterday moved a bit slow since it was intro/overview, but I have a feeling that tomorrow will move much quicker so I need to make sure I look over my info so I'm not super overwhelmed!

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