Thursday, April 21, 2011

3 Day Weekend-ing!!!

TGITH! I kept thinking that today was Friday. Well, technically it's my Friday! Our office is closed tomorrow for Good Friday. I had to go in early this morning which made for another long day at work, but at least I didn't have to rush straight off to class! I made Turkey Maid-Rites adapted from (one of my favorite blogs)! Next time I make them I think I won't use so much hamburger spices (I used that instead of the beef bullion cube). They were a big hit with the family. I was pleasantly suprised that they loved them so much! Always a good feeling :)

What isn't a good feeling is fever/chills/aches! My sinus drainage has been bringing me down. That and the combo of not sleeping as well has left me very exhausted. I will probably take a night off from working out. I've been working out a lot (and hard) lately. I don't want to get any worse that's for sure! I think that I'm gonna take it wasy by making some hot tea and watching a few episodes of Criminal Minds - Derek Morgan makes everything better! I might go out for a short walk later if I feel up to it since the weather is nice
I finished reading The Paris Wife yesterday. I really liked it! I just love Paris, 1920s, writing, art, travel, etc. I had never really read anything about Hemingway or from him. Now I am inspired to read some of his books. He was also married 4 times and had multiple affaris. It makes you wonder if there is such a thing as one true love...For some reason the past few books I've read seem to be ending too soon. Like they were "rushed" to a close and I felt like there wasn't as much closure as I would have wanted. Maybe it's just me and how I'm reading them. I don't like things left "undone/finished." There's a good posibility that I just read them too fast just to finish!

Here's my next book. I guess I'm in a bit of a history/nostalga mood:

The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration

Any fun plans for Easter?

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