Friday, April 8, 2011

Another Friday

Kitty "Romo"

This week has been going OK. Nothing super exciting orextraordinary to report. My first attempt at Mexican Lasagna went over well as did my bean chili from last night. It's nice to have some meatless options for the family during lent. Speaking of Lent, this seems like it's the longest Lent ever because I gave up one of my biggest vices (Diet Sodas). I could REALLY go for a diet Dr Pepper right about now!!!

Wednesday Night is usually me and one of my best friend Katie's date night! Lately we have been meeting at Barnes & Noble and read wedding and gossip magazines. She probably won't be getting married for at least another year, and I'm YEARS away from walking down the aisle, but we have already started to plan her wedding! I have always loved party planning and design holds a special place in my heart. So I enjoy it and it gives me something fun to do! Can't hurt! :)

Perfect Evening!

Went dancing last night with my boyfriend. It had been about a week since we had gone at all and about 2-3 weeks since we went to this particular venue. I honestly didn't really want to go. I get "relationship claustraphobia" and it's at the stage where he likes me a lot more than I like him (and I just want to push away). But I'm glad I went and we got to talk a bit about everything on the way home.

I want to have a low-key night tonight. That's how my Fridays usually are. I get off work early, read/layout (weather permitting) in the back yard - my "veg" time. Then watch a movie with the parents. Since the NASCAR race is in town this weekend and my brother is a huge fan some of his friends are going to be over to watch one of the races this evening. So my "plan" will probably turn into watching Criminal Minds in my room, but I'm pretty sure I can handle that... ;)

Running Update: Went on a walk Wednesday night but I was too physically tired to break into a jog. I will see how I feel after work today, but I definitely want to try for at least 5 min.

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