Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ugh, start of another week. Here we go! Last night I went to the Ranger's game with my brother and a few of his friends. I actually knew quite a few people (one of my best friends and my boyfriend) who were also going so I met up with them there later. We WON! Undeffeated so far! It was a really good game, but as usual with most sports, I got distracted...

I have been VERY restless lately which makes going to work tough(er). Today is so pretty and sunny! Such a tease when I've got to be indoors all afternoon. I want his weekend was nice, but I was a bit too busy to fully veg out... Do you ever have those weekends when they wear you out more than relax you?! I feel like mine have been like that lately.

"Running update": Sunday I went on a walk, but only really jogged about 6 min. I hadn't had very much to eat and was pretty tired from being more active than usual so it was tough to keep myself going. Tonight might be too busy if I decide to go to progressive two-step lessons with Greg. But I want to try for Wednesday for sure so I don't fall too far off the wagon (since I'm not even fully on the wagon yet).

Before I go to work I'm going to throw together a bew slow-cooker recipe (from Family Circle). It's for a meat-free  Mexican lasagna. It sounds simple but yummy. I love coming home to prepared food since I'm usually ready to eat my arm off once I come home and have low patience for cooking (or people who get in my way).

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