Thursday, July 7, 2011

Anti-Pity Party

I love parties. Just not pity parties. Instead of feeling down and frustrated I am taking the initiatives to turn things around by putting my "anti-pity party" plan into action. 

  • Yesterday - I tended to "overcompensate" for waking up famished by having a lot to eat at lunch, even when my stomach was screaming "hey stop, I'm stuffed!" It made me feel uncomfortable all afternoon as the pain was a constant reminder of the "mistake" I made of not respecting my body. I had a quick dinner after work (ended up making planned recipe from last night tonight since my mom and brother ended up going out) and settled down with a book, then an episode of Gilmore Girls while I crocheted. My mind and body were too restless for me to really relax. I decided to go to the gym because I didn't want to lay around all night. I think I had one of the longest 30 minute elliptical sessions on record... I even took it really easy on myself because I was pretty tired. But at last, the endorphins finally came after I stepped out of the shower and my spirits were lifted
  • Today - I woke up a bit early but not starving! Said my prayers, ate breakfast, drank tea, and yoga-ed before work - started to feel like my old, pleasant self again!
  • Friday - Possibly going to the Ranger's game with my brother. They have a firework show after the game! I've been in the mood to go but I'm not looking forward to the TX heat...

So overall, today has been better. Just one more short work day lies between me and the weekend!

Slow-Cooker Balsamic Chicken. Based off this recipe. I added fresh spinach when I got home from work and let it cook while I boiled the rice.

I have a yoga mat strap on my birthday wish list but this craft of the day came in my inbox this morning! Hmm... I might just try this out first (if it's cheaper it's like a win-win - I love win-wins).

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