Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another Granny Weekend

It's that time again. The weekend begins to draw to a close. When you think back several days ago to all that you wanted to do this weekend  and now see the time you have left slip away. This is probably my least favorite time of the week.

This weekend was OK. I guess my past few weekends have been rather uneventful. Not necessarily bad, just uneventful. Just stuck in monotonous flow. Saturday - I tried to reclaim my day from my odd, unproductive morning (see previous post for details). I ran errands with my mom for a few hours but My stomach was still feeling very nauseous/crampy so we ended up cutting a few stores out. I even took some TAZO Green Ginger tea with me in hopes that it helped me feel better - it didn't work miracles but was better than nothing. I spent most of the evening reading (I'm hooked on My Name is Mary Sutter) and going for a walk around my neighborhood (was still over 90 degrees after 8:30pm - I do not approve...).

I enjoyed church with my parents and our traditional swing by the flagship Half Price Books store before we headed home. I could easily spend all day and way too much money in there. After lunch, reading, a nap, and some yoga I took a workbook, my writing notebook, and a text book to Barnes & Noble. I just needed to get out of the house. My family has been annoying and either bombarding me with various questions or trying to get me to do things - space please! I wanted to spend some time reflecting and sorting out my thoughts and feelings about where I am now and where I'd like to go. I think a change in the environment can help with the whole "new mindset" in regards to life that I'm trying to adopt.

So here are a few of the "points" that I came up with:

  • I need to quite my job. I only have 3 more weeks of my graphic design classes before my "capstone project" begins. I still don't know a whole lot about this project; what it will entail, when I'll need to be at the school, how many hours a week I'll spend working on it, etc. It's supposed to last for 10 weeks. That's about all I know. So I figure that I can use that as an "excuse" to quite. I feel guilty just quitting mainly because I work with one of my neighbors who got me the job. But it has to be done. I will just keep "pounding the pavement" and pray that I can find a (better) replacement job ASAP!
  • Careers options: 
    • something with writing/photography (photojournalism) but I'm worried about job availability
    • maybe teaching high school Geography or Psychology or middle school English. I'm just always kinds been a "back up plan" for me because I don't believe that I have the patience or passion for it.
    • something with a non-profit or NGO doing environmental or human rights work (bonus: I'd get to travel!)
    • I've always thought of occupational therapy but not sure if I'm "passionate" enough about it to really go through grad school. Plus I work in a medical clinic now and I don't think that it's for me. I should try to set up some observation time at clinics around home before I cross it of my list for good...
    • I'd love to do my own freelance writing, photography, event planning/design or work in a museum though! It's just I need money and a job first...
I plan to spend the rest of my evening not searching for jobs on the internet but finishing my book and watching Gilmore Girls while I crochet. Can you say "Granny!?"

Regardless of how I feel life keeps going on and things keep growing.

Pics from the garden:

What was the high and the low of your weekend?

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