Sunday, July 3, 2011


This weekend has been good so far - and it's not over yet (gotta love 3 day weekends)!

Saturday I went shopping and got to catch up with my best friends (twins). I've seen them one-on-one but the three of us haven't all been together in awhile. I felt like super nauseous on the way home... I'm not sure if I had a touch of something or if it was from switching medication. Whatever it was was awful! I had a snack and sipped some peppermint tea which helped me get to feeling more like my regular self. After veggin' out for a bit I popped in a DVD I'd checked out from the library. I wasn't really feelin' the gym and it was too hot to take a walk outside. Yoga is always a good option for me and this workout was pretty intense for me - I was feeling the burn by the end!

I've been "discerning" what I am going to "do with my life" a lot lately. Prayer and daily guided reflections have helped but the "path" still seems quite foggy... I do think that I want to do some type of advocacy - human rights and/or environmental stability. A large part of my computer time this weekend has been focused on looking up organizations websites and seeing what opportunities are available. The whole process is overwhelming to say the least. I always feel like I am missing some piece of information.

I guess right now I can keep doing research, check out local opportunities, and keep praying that my "path" clears and I will have no doubt what I was called to do. I'm not expecting this to happen overnight. I realize that this is a process. I just want a "sign" or something... I don't know. Maybe I'm demanding too much from myself - to have it all "figured" out. I would like to do some kind of service/mission work. I have some family friends who are in South Africa right now with a group from their church. I know they'd be good resources to talk to once they come back.

Tonight:  Boom, Boom, Boom... Seeing fireworks!

Seeing my Sunflower bloom has been the highlight of my weekend:


Let the sunshine!

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